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Sad Medu Earrings with Frame

Sad Medu Earrings with Frame

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Inspired by Medusa from Greek myth - the piece highlighted her sorrowful, empowered eyes nestled within an elegant frame, symbolising the last scene of her victim witnessed - Medusa stands as one of the most tragic figures, a victim of society madness, the unfair portrayal she endured in myths and legends, much like the distortion in today's media. Medusa is strong and independent, she wielded her superpower, turning men to stones instead of relying on them. This piece serves as a tribute to the untold narratives and misunderstood souls. When life forces us into negative situations, just breathe, let us remember that is Medusa's gaze on designers’ logo these days not Zeus nor his brothers and mates, a reminder that strength and beauty can emerge even from the darkest tales.

  • Hallmarked in the United Kingdom at the London Assay Office

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925 Sterling Silver


15.5mm x 14.5mm x 4mm

Please bear in mind that the shape is irregular, therefore the size is approximate.

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